The Science of Formation

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The formation of the greatest stone called diamond starts with fire, which begins in the earth's mantle. The fire delivers the formation to the surface through the deep volcanic eruptions of magma. Same way, every life on earth starts from the bottom. Similar to the formation process of fire, an individual goes through challenges throughout life. Journeys include pain and resistance, no matter what the circumstances are. The only way to overcome this and to get through the surface is to find your inner fire inside. Let’s not forget that water is an alternative process of cooling down to create the diamond's brilliance. Similar to the person, water is a sign of balance and peace, where one has to find their nirvana. Going back to the steps of the elements, as the process goes on the surface, the wind is one of the factors that cools it into igneous rocks, as it forms to become a brilliant diamond. Similar to the diamonds, as the person overcomes the challenges of life, he/she has gone through the harsh conditions. In comparison to the creation of the brilliant diamond and as the person shines, our company is born. The product is created carefully with deep passion, similar to the process of creating a diamond on the depths of earth. Fire is also added to our passion, where we create this product not just to sell but to show the world our values.


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